Breathe Life Into Your Project With
Original Voice Talent

Online recording sessions with the World’s Top Vocal Talent

Breathe Life Into Your Project With
Original Voice Talent

Online recording sessions with the World’s Top Vocal Talent

Increase Participation

Children prefer listening to audiobooks rather than reading them with 69.5% of children claiming that they find books easier to consume when digested this way.

Increase Engagements

Digital Audio Users agree that voice ad campaigns provide more engagement compared with social media advertisements

Higher Reach

Businesses are already witnessing the power of audio ads with companies like Nestle gaining a 51% reach with only 30% of their marketing budget.



In today’s grind, it’s hard to curl up and read a good book, and that’s exactly why audiobooks are so popular. From daily commuters to fitness enthusiast at the gym, audiobooks are made for our multitasking world. Not only that, but authors get an extra set of readers, who otherwise wouldn’t have time to read their book. Everyone wins.


There’s no question animation is nothing without amazing voice-over, so it really pays to hire an exceptional actor. You need a great voice, with great range, and they have to be a perfect fit for your graphics, and then, voila, the result is a fully engaging piece of entertainment.


While network and cable television rely on great commercials think of the Super Bowl the short-form video commercials you see on the web are the most successful form of digital marketing. Which means all commercials are a critical ingredient in your marketing pie. We’ll cast the perfect, original voice to represent your brand in order to get everyone talking and buying.


We live in a go, go, go world, but that doesn’t mean we stop learning. E-learning is the perfect solution for today’s busy life- style. Take a lesson during lunch, before work, even on vacation or on a business trip. Because this style of learning takes place in an uncontrolled environment rather than a classroom, it’s important to book an actor who can keep the student’s attention, even when the dog’s barking or the phone’s ringing off the hook.


Everyone loves a good podcast. The beauty of the podcast is that users choose their favorite series and can listen on their own timeline. With such convenience and portability, it’s important to be memorable. Keep listeners coming back with an excellent actor. A voice actor with a wow-factor sound, who can yarn a good story is the bread and butter when it comes to a successful podcast series.


The best video games tell stories. Players are submerged into new worlds with stylized graphics and incredible sound effects. But it’s the voice-over that creates the actual story. We’ll help you find the best storyteller and couple it with our innovative sound design to create a mind-blowing gaming experience.


Graduations, weddings, awards ceremonies everyone wants to document important moments. Make it count with a voice-over actor. A great actor narrates instructions, details, and information to make the moment feel fresh for years to come.


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Grace BrooksGrace Brooks
07:30 20 Dec 22
Helpful, knowledgeable and easy to work with.
Winifred WinifredWinifred Winifred
03:05 12 Oct 22
After Listen is amazing. High quality work, everyone is professional, and the tech being used is next level. I highly recommend.